The customer is the sole focus of our business. We constantly direct all our efforts to towards achieving maximum customer satisfaction by delivering products and services to the best value and quality. We strive to honor our commitments, implied or expressed to both our internal and external customers.

We stress on integrity, transparency and consistency in all our dealings. We always strive to have trusting, mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship with out business associates. We seek to maintain a warm, positive and friendly work environment where everyone shares a mutual feeling of respect for each other. We encourage teamwork, motivate and train our people to perfect their skills for the benefit of the individual and the organisation. We set, communicate and pursue clear operational guidelines and business strategies. We empower people at appropriate levels to achieve their goals. We recognize and reward merit and performance. We strive to make the organisation a responsible corporate citizen.

• Advances to be converted into sales
• Delivery of the products
• Installation of the products, if required
• Deputation of representative
• Within Warranty, Out of Warranty
• Within Contract , Out of Contract
• Need based Services

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